The Revolution That Is Taking The HVAC Corporation By Storm

Over the years, Southwest Mechanical’s has seen the revolution of the heating and cooling system grow. We’ve worked hard in the community of El Paso for over twenty years, and our team has handled multiple HVACs that have helped our clients reach peak comfortability. One of the more beneficial, and pioneering HVAC systems we’ve seen recently are the mini-split systems. These ductless mini-split systems are an advanced HVAC system that differ from other traditional HVAC systems as they:

  • Have top quality and reliability
  • Reduced installation times
  • Minimal or ductless systems 
  • Energy efficient and cost efficient 
  • Controlled by a simple remote
  • Offers advanced ductless air in single rooms 
  • Consistent temperature readjustment 
  • Improved air quality in your home

The Mini-Split System and How It Works For You

Before you could consider getting a new mini-split system, it’s important to know how the system works in your home. Once the air conditioning system is wall-mounted and in the individual rooms that you desire, you could truly see the benefits it offers to you. When the unit gets activated, it draws warm, forced air from the outside, and gets filtered through cold evaporator coils. Once this happens, the evaporator coils actually put it through a refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the outside, converts it into cold air, and sends that cold air throughout your living space. This process continues as the condenser unit (outside unit) pushes the heat from your home, back to the outside, and continues doing the same cycle when needed. If you have a system that also has a mini-split heat pump, it essentially is the same process, but reversed as the heated air is actually collected from the outside and pushed into your home.

How to Repair and Maintain An Advanced System

As we all know, life can get in the way of itself and cause issues for you whether you’re prepared for it or not. This includes trying to deal with repairs on your mini-split system. Though rare, all machinery needs repairs, and that doesn’t change for this ductless system. At Southwest Mechanical, we’ll be able to help you with any issues on your system so that you can get the best use of it. Our services include:

  • Compressor breakdown
  • Fan repair
  • Air filter replacement
  • Coil readjustment
  • Indoor blower problems
  • Fixing of refrigerant issues


To avoid these repairs, Southwest Mechanical also set up a list of routine maintenance that’ll help you continue your enjoyment out of mini-split systems, and to continue showing benefits that certain central air and ducted systems don’t have. Some of these procedures include:

  • Professional cleaning on your air filters
  • Cleanly inspections on indoor/outdoor air handlers and coils
  • Refrigerant lines checked for insulation and leaks
  • Electrical terminals to be looked and tightened when needed
  • Lubricating motor parts
  • Calibration on thermostats
  • Removal of clogs on drainage lines

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