Air Conditioner Installation Services

As the time to replace your AC system approaches, our expert specialists here at Southwest mechanical will assist you with selecting the most feasible air conditioning system for your needs. Many homeowners gravitate towards evaporative coolers because of how heated the summer can get which opts homeowners towards getting a better higher tech air system that is refrigerated and has a better use. This makes it much more convenient as well as easier to maintain. Getting a refrigerated cool air conditioner allows for a cleaner flow of air that does not harm indoor air quality. 

Our trained specialists and certified technicians are able to provide you with services that are formed to support the lifecycle of your AC unit entirely. We provide many services such as AC installation, AC repair,  and AC maintenance.

Air Conditioner Installation
Air Conditioner Installation

Installation process 

Air Conditioner Installation

We focus on both replacing systems and installing brand new systems. It is important that your landlord or contractor knows the refrigeration cycle and air distribution for air quality safety purposes. Our mechanics come to you when you make an appointment for installation and proceed with installing the AC system following the guidelines. We focus mainly on checking the ductwork for loose connections, gaps and breaches. We make sure that all of the work is done with good timing so that it does not take up too much time.  All of our work is free of leftover clutter and focuses on keeping a clean approach. 


With many different solutions to choose from, each provides its own advantage and benefits. We have very skilled technicians that will help you choose the best system and approach for your needs. We want to make sure that your air conditioning system provides high quality air and that it works properly. 

Contact our Air Conditioning Experts 

Here at Southwest mechanical, our licensed HVAC contractors are experts in installation. We assure that our trained and qualified specialists do a perfect job at installing your system. You have the option of choosing between evaporative coolers and refrigerated air conditioning but we will help with providing the best approach for you. 

Make sure to call our services if you need air conditioning services. Our specialists will answer any questions you may have, talk through installation costs, and arrange an appointment depending on the type of services you need. 

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