Why Southwest Mechanical: Heating & Cooling Is the Best Place for AC Repairs

When it comes to El Paso, many of our residents understand the severity of how hot and dry it could be. No matter the reason, your AC system breaks down to natural wear and tear, uncontrolled maintenance, and a factor of other dilemmas. That’s why at Southwest Mechanical Heating and Cooling, we push through with our efforts to make the process easy, reliable, and resulting in the comfort of your home, no matter what reasoning for your AC or HVAC system going out.

Air Conditioning Repair Services: What to Look Out For

One of the biggest questions we get when working on air conditioning systems is our clients asking us when it’s time to fully repair their AC systems. Sometimes, there are cases where people don’t need a full on repair and instead, they just need some regular maintenance or a small tune-up for their air conditioning systems. Some signs that lead to potential repair include:

  • A system that won’t turn on and off
  • Hot air rather than cold air coming out of your AC
  • Lack of airflow
  • Strange noises coming from your heating and/or cooling systems
  • Odd scents coming from your air conditioning
  • Increase in electricity bill

It’s important to realize that to help avoid these situations and to keep your air conditioning running for a long time, we recommend you have maintenance/routine checks to make sure you don’t have to have your entire system fixed or replaced.

The reason is that we’re a business that has been serving the El Paso ,TX community for over twenty years, and we want nothing more than to help our community to save money, avoid any AC repairs, and to make them feel comfortable in their own homes.

Our Course of Action

If you do face the unfortunate event that your system does need a replacement, at Southwest Mechanics, we have the team to put your wallet and mind at ease when going through this process. By calling us, we can have a certified HVAC service technician come to your home and look at your air conditioner.

Our technicians will recommend a variety of HVAC systems that would work best for your home. Whether it be a heating pump, central air system, or a ductless mini-split, our technicians will make sure they find the one that’s best for you.

Soon after, we will work diligently to have your system repaired and running so that you will not have to worry about any further repairs for years to come. At Southwest Mechanical, we offer the best service and maintenance to avoid additional cost repairs on your new system.


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